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Alison Gustafson has extensive experience in measuring and evaluating the food environment as it pertains to meeting national recommendations for food service guidelines. Over the past several years Dr. Gustafson has evaluated and implemented community based interventions aimed at improving the food environment in rural and isolated communities. For this project, Dr. Gustafson will contribute her expertise in adolescent obesity prevention interventions and knowledge of rural community networks and school systems, vending, and overall foodservice guidelines in the specified regions. Specifically, Dr. Gustafson will serve as an outside expert of baseline data collection for food service recommendations; assist with technical training of community leaders to assess food service resources at baseline and follow-up years; provide consultation with community leaders during years 2-5; assist with evaluation of short and long-term evaluation measures as it pertains to food service guidelines.
Effective start/end date2/5/196/30/19


  • KY Department for Public Health: $10,709.00


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