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HUMAN CLINICAL TRIAL In the initial phase of the Network, LuMind, together with the COES and AFFS, will carry out a longitudinal multi-center pilot observational cohort trial, including collection of adult natural history data, and the COES will also collect neuropsychological testing data and blood for future biomarker studies. Supported by a coordinating center, LuMind and the COESs will develop Standard Operating Procedures. The Network will (i) longitudinally collect data about natural history and neuropsychological performance using a robust EDC platform for data entry into the DS-CTN EDC patient database (the "Network Patient Database"); and (ii) collect blood samples stored at a central biobank in anticipation of possible future biomarker studies (the "Study").
Effective start/end date10/13/2012/31/23


  • LuMind IDSC Foundation: $34,430.00


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