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Abstract The University of Kentucky is excited to submit this proposal to join the Early Childhood Policy Institutes in Higher Education (ECPIHE) Center network. The proposal outlines the new Graduate Certificate in Leadership for Early Childhood and Family Policy, including the curriculum, target audience, format, and plans for sustainability. It outlines the expertise and resources that will support the certificate through the College of Education, Department of Educational Leadership Studies, and Early Childhood Research and Development Initiative. Information is provided about the certificate faculty and institutional commitment to sustaining this program long-term. The proposal summarizes how participation in ECPIHE will allow UK to collaborate with other institutions to help establish the emerging field of early childhood policy. In conclusion, the proposal conveys UK''s alignment to the goals of ECPIHE and fit as an ideal Center based on our strengths in policy analysis, leadership development, and dedication to advancing equitable policy outcomes for young children and families.
Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/25


  • Columbia University: $10,000.00


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