Earth Mapping Resources Initiative: Critical Minerals in Devonian Metalliferous Black Shales of the Illinois Basin

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Earth Mapping Resources Initiative: Critical Minerals in Devonian metalliferous black shales of the Illinois Basin Devonian black shales with high critical minerals potential occur across the eastern U.S. While currently unmined, Devonian shales in the eastern U.S. contain some of the highest critical mineral concentrations reported in metalliferous shales. The objective of this project is to collect new geochemical data on critical mineral concentrations of Devonian black shales across the Kentucky portion of the Illinois Basin. The Illinois State Geological Survey will provide leadership in this collaborative study with the Kentucky Geological Survey. Screening, sampling, and multi-element geochemical analyses of Devonian black shales from the Kentucky part the Illinois Basin via comprehensive pXRF geochemical screening followed by targeted sampling will ensure robust documentation of the most enriched shale horizons. These new data will allow new calculations of grade and tonnage of critical mineral reserves.
Effective start/end date7/1/236/30/26


  • University of Illinois: $110,000.00


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