East Central European Scholars Program XI

  • Jennings, Edward (PI)

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This 7 - 12 month program of U.S. based study and training aims to upgrade the professional skills of top level democratic leaders, as well as administrators from central, regional, and local government institutions, including financial, health and insurance institutions, who are involved in the processes of democratization or economic restructuring and who deal with issues of reform and managing change. Participants of this program are placed at American academic institutions/universities which can meet their needs. They attend both specially arranged and traditional courses, seminars, colloquiums, and workshops in the area of their specialization, including: -strategic planning and management -public policy and administration -social policy, insurance, and welfare programs -financial regulation and banking -finance -taxation -health care administration and management -labor -education
Effective start/end date8/1/037/31/04


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