Economic Analysis of Maple Syrup Production Potential in Kentucky

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Kentucky is not known for maple syrup production like Vermont or New York. However, recent visit to eastern Kentucky producers indicate potential for this as a viable enterprise for woodland owners. This project will focus on “Economic Analysis of Maple Syrup Production Potential in Kentucky”. Specific objectives are to: (i) assess statewide maple syrup production potential in Kentucky; (ii) conduct on-farm cost-benefit analysis of maple syrup production of representative Kentucky producers; (iii) assess economic impacts of maple syrup production in Kentucky’s economy; and (iv) assess energy conservation-dehydration measures of sap from sugar producing trees to establish cost-effective ways to save energy and maximize returns for producers. The study will use Forest Inventory Analysis (FIA) data to determine the number of potentially tappable maple trees and climatic data to run production functions for first objective; projected future and long-term impacts of utilizing more of tappable trees for syrup production will be assessed using projected climatic trends that affect sap production based on general circulation models through econometric analysis. Second objective will be achieved using on-farm maple syrup production variable and fixed costs data from representative producers. Third objective on economic impacts will employ both input-output analysis and computable general equilibrium model for economy-wide impacts analysis. Fourth objective will consider types and costs of energy used in dehydration process, and establish energy efficiency improvements. The project will work very closely with Kentucky Maple Syrup Producers Association members to collect critical data needed. Project deliverables will include current and projected potential maple syrup production map by county for Kentucky; economic break-even production by production scale; economy-wide impacts of maple syrup production in Kentucky; and energy and other cost-saving strategies to help producers maximize returns.
Effective start/end date9/17/196/30/23


  • Natural Resources Conservation Service: $74,973.00


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