ECOP/CSREES E-extension Supplement Amendment 18 to contract #26-6365-001-301

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The eXtension Content Management and Leadership Team located at the University of Kentucky will continue to provide l eadership and guidance in the development of content for eXtension. Specifically, the team will: 1. Work with selected CoPs to facilitate implementation of their optimization plans. 2. Assist CoPs in identifying appropriate metrics for reporting on value of content, i.e., increasing the number of referrals from social media 3. Create and facilitate a 2013 call for Optimizing CoPs. 4. Communicate learning network best practices to CoPs, institutions, and CES. CoP leaders roles will change. 5. Continues to support Content Reviews and enhancements to maximize search engine optimization (SEO) for 6. Continue development of eCourses (learning modules) on content development, social media, SEO, etc. 7. Begin production of eXtension Minutes on various CoP activities/responsibilities. 8. Create a task force to explore options for recognizing positive activity of individuals in learning networks. 9. Explore new formats for publishing, i.e., eBooks, etc. Examine cost, distribution, etc. 10. Raise the visibility of Second Life projects. 11. Elevate Second Life program efforts to involve more CoPs in creating content for virtual worlds. 12. Create a task force to develop long term financial strategy to support CoPs, i.e., leadership funds, seed new CoPs, special projects, etc. 13. Launch 8 new CoPs. 14. Prioritize the list of current and prospective subject matter content areas (CoPs) based on their ability to attract private support. 15. Work with CoPs to develop federal contract applications. 16. Work with CoPs to implement funding plans targeting sponsorships. 17. Support other eXtension activities as directed by the Executive Director of eXtension.
Effective start/end date1/1/059/30/15


  • University of Nebraska: $671,032.00


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