eCROPS: A Smartphone-Based Interactive Education System for the Innovative CROPS Curriculum Intervention

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SPECIFIC AIMS The main propose of this feasibility project is to develop a smartphone application, eCROPS, to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of the Innovative CROPS Curriculum Intervention (ICCI). The ICCI is a comprehensive tractor safety curriculum designed for agricultural mechanics classes in high schools. The ICCI aims to educate students about safe farming and to reduce the number of tractor related injuries and fatalities through the installation of Cost-effective Roll Over Protective Structure (CROPS). The eCROPS will be designed and developed to: (1) provide high school students with tractor safety curriculum materials and agricultural safety information; (2) increase online interactions between teacher-student and student-student by providing multimodal communication channels; (3) enhance social and mutual learning process among the schools/communities who participate in the ICCI project by providing communication channels and updating other schools’ ICCI activities; and (4) provide online communities for ICCI participants to share ideas about a culture of farming safety.
Effective start/end date9/30/019/29/16


  • National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health


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