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    We at UK Hospital want to improve perinatal outcomes in the state of Kentucky, including a decrease in the number of premature and low birth weight infants. We support and are part of the CenteringPregnancy/EMPOWR program that is beginning at our OB/GYN clinics. We believe this program will improve perinatal outcomes, while giving participants the tools to improve their own health and make better choices in their lives. We are seeking funding to assist in this endeavor, and to provide those low income patients we serve who cannot for whatever reason participate in CenteringPregnancy/EMPOWR with education on healthy pregnancy and support. UK Hospital is the exclusive provider of CenteringPregnancy prenatal care in Lexington. CenteringPregnancy is a well established program that uses a group model of care. Women participating in this program receive individual assessments but also participate in a group session of 8-10 women led by a trained health care provider. Their sessions allow for sharing of information about pregnancy, how to handle stressful situations, help with substance abuse, parenting, and personal growth. This proposal will expand educational opportunities during the CenteringPregnancy/EMPOWR sessions, through use of March of Dimes materials, and interactive teaching materials, and will also offer educational materials on these subjects to patients who cannot participate in CenteringPregnancy/EMPOWR. The target audience for this endeavor is pregnant women between the ages of 18-45 years of age during the grant period. The overall goal is to improve perinatal outcomes including a decrease in premature birth (before 39 weeks) and low birth weight. Kentucky consistently ranks high in the incidence of premature birth, low birth weight, smoking, and substance abuse. We consistently rank low in access to prenatal care. This grant will enhance the educational opportunities for low income pregnant women, both for the CenteringPregnancy/EMPOWR participants, and for women who opt out, or are in our Young Parents Program.
    Effective start/end date5/15/1412/31/15


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