Effectiveness of Recommendations for Esophageal Cancer Screening: A Population Community Based Study

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Eastern Kentucky's Appalachian region has a significantly increased incidence of esophageal cancer compared to the rest of the United States, and several counties in the area have among the highest esophageal cancer rates in the nation. The reasons for this problem are unclear. The attached document describes a research project which is now ongoing which: (1) provides public education in these counties regarding the risk factors and recommended screening tests for esophageal cancer; (2) tests the effectiveness of such a public education effort; and (3) identifies risk factors in the population which may lead to this unacceptably high incidence of this deadly cancer. The program was initiated in 2006 using startup funds provided by a federal grant. It has been named for Marty Driesler, a congressional assistant who served the people of this electoral district for many years and who died of cancer in 2003. Early results from the research have already provided important insights into the causes of this cancer in Eastern Kentucky, and funding is requested to continue and expand this project during calendar year 2008.
Effective start/end date1/1/086/30/09


  • Lexington Cancer Foundation Incorporated: $75,000.00


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