Effects of Medicaid Reform on Access to Care, Program Sustainability, and Administrative Efficiency in Idaho and KY- scope

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This proposal addresses research questions pertaining to affordability, sustainability, and administrative efficiency as highlighted in the SHARE solicitation, including the identification of successful mechanisms for reducing the cost of coverage and care, and factors contributing to their success; how reforms have affected the safety net; what elements gamer support from key stakeholders; and which elements are critical to effective and efficient program administration. If states can identify ways to reduce program costs without enrollment cutbacks, they can keep current beneficiaries covered and expand access to coverage. Thus, it is critical for states to identify policies that succeed in bringing down program costs while ensuring appropriate access to and quality of care. In this context, examining Kentucky's and Idaho's innovative approaches are of particular interest and policy relevance.
Effective start/end date7/1/083/31/10


  • Urban Institute


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