Electric Vehicle STEM Project

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Abstract The University of Kentucky Research Foundation through the Center for Applied Energy Research since 2019 has developed a STEM education program for elementary school grades 4 through 6 that brings STEM education learned in the classroom to the race track. In this innovative program students create a Gen-EV racing club, the develop a budget for their club and ultimately create a development program to fund the operations of the club. The ultimate task of the club is to study different types of vehicles, the pros and cons of each fuel type and then ultimately to design, build and race a one-person electric vehicle. Over the past two contract years the University has publicized the program and recruited 17 schools to participate in the program. During the second year of the program the projects goals were to conduct teacher professional development sessions to impart the curriculum and allow the teachers to build a car and have the experience of driving it. The curriculum was planned to be active in the schools during the 2020-2021 academic year. The Covid -19 pandemic has pushed those opportunities one year. However, to perfect the experience the University has embarked upon creating a series of videos that will assist the teacher and students to properly build the vehicle in the classroom. An in-person professional development experience was conducted in June 2021 and was attended by representatives from 10 schools throughout the state. During the third year of the program 19 schools have committed to conduct clubs and actively participate in the program for the elementary school level with the inaugural Gen-EV race being held in the spring of 2022. Additionally, the University will continue to promote the elementary level program and recruit additional schools to participate. As originally proposed, during the first active project year the University will recruit schools for the middle school level. Additional car kits for the elementary level and the initial middle school kits will be purchased. The professional development sessions for the teachers were conducted during this year. For the grant year of FY 2022-2023 It is planned to expand the program to include middle school participation. Additional car kits will be purchased for the elementary level while introducing the more advanced F24 kits to the middle school level. For this period it is planned to have one race for the Goblin cars in the spring of 2023.
Effective start/end date4/1/2310/31/23


  • KY Energy and Environment Cabinet: $204,557.00


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