Electronic Access Rural Demonstration Project - Phase II

  • Weinberg, Harold (PI)
  • Frost, Christopher (Former PI)

Grants and Contracts Details


As part of a land grant institution, the University of Kentucky College of Law is a valuable resource for legal education of all types. Through its community legal education mission - including providing facilities for continuing legal education for the Commonwealth's prosecutors and making available its legal education resources for judges and lawyers in remote locations within the Commonwealth - the College of Law serves the needs of the legal and law enforcement communities. This grant will allow the College of Law to provide better equipment for the continuing education of the Commonwealth's prosecutors, and will allow the College of Law to expand by 150% the availability of electronic access through the College's remote access program. Through. its primary legal education mission - including providing classroom, clinical and field placementlegal education for its students - the College of Law provides well-trained lawyers to staff the public and private legal communities of the Commonwealtl! and .contributes directly to the representation of chronically underrepresented populations such as victims of domestic violence. These activities positively impact public safety and crime prevention across Kentucky. This grant will allow the College of Law to increase by 150% the availability of court-generated legal instructional video materials, will increase the number of venues within the College equipped to optimally utilize such instructional materials, and will allow the College to give technological support to a pilot clinical initiative on domestic violence.
Effective start/end date1/23/049/22/09


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