Embedded Computer Engineering Planning Grant

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At the request of NSF, this proposal has been converted from an implementation grant to a planning grant. Thus, we are changing the scope of the work proposed in our "Embedded Computer Engineering" proposal to further develop our ideas, especially in the areas of pedagogy, assessment of learning, faculty development, and the integration of teaching and research. The revised budget requests summer salary for the PI and co-PI's to carry out planning in each of the following areas: Pedagogy " Study how courses will be changed to add a coherent focus on embedded systems throughout the program " Determine pedagogical value of proposed projects based on initial contact with host organizations " Establish a few embedded computing groups to test feasibility " Assemble example sets of themed electives to inspire students when they choose their own " Introduce one or two sections of EE 281 concurrent with EE 280 to test feasibility o Develop course materials for teaching team work and ethics Assessment of Learning " Determine assessment criteria for embedded projects " Determine assessment criteria for team work and ethics outcomes Faculty Development " Develop instructional materials to teach faculty guidelines for interacting with host organizations and establishing projects o Train faculty to use tools commonly used in industry Integration of Teaching and Research " Develop materials to help link classroom learning to embedded projects " Establish guidelines to help faculty include undergraduates on research teams o Find potential host organizations with projects that will pique student's interests In addition to summer salary, a small amount of money has been added to the budget to cover supplies needed to implement the pilot embedded projects and cover expenses setting up EE 281.
Effective start/end date1/1/0412/31/05


  • National Science Foundation: $99,460.00


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