Embedded Teacher Learning Through Online Modules: Leveraging Professional Development Resources in KY

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Provide a brief overview of your project and the participants served. Our partnership is using IEQ funds for the creation, field testing, revision, and deployment of six online professional development short courses, or "modules," specifically targeting activities designed to promote student success and readiness for high school, college and career. Most modules involve conversion of existing face-to-face professional development materials into online format, which leverages resources already invested for much broader consumption. Modules created for this grant target important teacher learning needs in Kentucky, such as understanding and utilizing the EPAS and providing intervention strategies in Core Content areas. These modules take advantage of the full array of technology resources and online learning techniques available through distance education, including video clips, group discussion threads, virtual group project sites, blogs, wikis, tests, surveys, and assignment posting boards. Teachers who enroll in these modules are therefore taking part in learning activities optimized for diverse adult learners and conducted in the context of their work environment-hence "embedded" professional development. Of the six proposed modules, three are currently available, and will be offered to participants from October 6 through October 27, and the remaining three modules will be available within the next two weeks.
Effective start/end date1/1/098/31/10


  • KY Council on Postsecondary Education: $135,000.00


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