Endangered Species Issues

  • Grossardt, Theodore (PI)

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OBJECTIVES: The objective of the study is to: 1) examine the literature and current policies and procedures; 2) identify best practices and lessons learned; and 3) recommend improvements to Kentucky's process for dealing with threatened and endangered species during the project development process. BACKGROUND: The presence of habitat for Threatened and Endangered Species, both Known and Potential, is a significant consideration in transportation planning. States must invest considerable resources in dealing with situations, and it is especially a common circumstance in Kentucky, where the rich natural environment contains a large number of species of all kinds, raising the odds that some of them encountered will be listed as Known or Potentially Threatened or Endangered. At the same time, states vary in their specific response to the presence of such conditions, and it is in Kentucky's interest to learn as much as possible about the variety of ways that exist. A more competent reaction to threatened and endangered species habitats will speed up the project development process and be more cost effective. FY 2007 PROPOSED WORK: It is anticipated that the project work will be completed and results documented within the 2007 fiscal year. PROGRAMMED COST FY 2007: TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $50,000 $50,000
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/07


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