Engaging Nontraditional Geoscience Information Stakeholders in Appalachian Kentucky

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The objective of our research is to learn how to more fully engage non-traditional Kentucky Geological Survey stakeholders in an under-served area of eastern Kentucky so that KGS can provide geological and environmental information they find useful for personal, community, and organizational decision support. In this project, we will focus on the five-county Big Sandy Area Development District as an exploratory project area; however, our ultimate intention is to generalize the lessons learned to better engage underrepresented non-traditional stakeholders statewide. In addition to being an area with a legacy of coal mining, the Big Sandy ADD is currently the focus of a KGS landslide hazard and risk assessment in which stakeholder engagement and communication will play an important role. A small group of participants (10 people from each of the 5 Big Sandy ADD counties) will be asked to evaluate the effectiveness of geological information prototypes using multiple triangulated research methods, including ethnography, asset mapping, and user experience testing. Based on the initial responses, the prototypes will be modified and evaluated via a mixed-methods social scientific approach (including e.g., user experience, experimental hypothesis testing, and surveys) to determine their effectiveness and value to the potential stakeholders.
Effective start/end date9/11/196/1/21


  • National Academy of Sciences: $49,995.00


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