Engaging Partners in a Comprehensive Watershed Project, Urban Waters Small Grant

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The Cane Run Watershed (CRW) project management team, composed of the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, Environmental and Natural Resources Initiative, the Department of Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering staff proposes an innovative, comprehensive program to engage K-12 students and teachers and citizens within the watershed designed to increase understanding of water quality issues and promote urban stream restoration. The K-12 portion of the project involves the formation of partnerships between community groups and three schools to develop an innovative education tool: Map of Cane Run Environment & Watershed. The map will use a GIS platform and be accessible from an Internet portal at UK. The map will include water quality data, demographics, geographic information, photos and video intended to illustrate the environmental health of the watershed. In addition, students will make presentations at community and local government events. Environmental science professionals will talk to students and citizens about their work and career opportunities. An upcoming urban stream restoration project in a city-owned park and a newly built 12-mile streamside walking/biking path, both of which are located in the heart of the CRW, presents a unique opportunity for citizens to become involved in watershed issues. The management team proposes to not only educate citizens regarding this proposed restoration project but to also create opportunities for them to provide input on the planning process. Last, the management team will ensure that the students, teachers and other citizens in the watershed work together on all facets of the proposed project.
Effective start/end date8/1/127/31/15


  • Environmental Protection Agency: $59,934.00


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