Engaging Underserved Communities in End of Life Conversations: a Cluster, Randomized Controlled Trial

Grants and Contracts Details


Allison Scott Gordon, Ph.D., Site PI/ Co-Investigator, will coordinate the investigation at the University of Kentucky site. Dr. Gordon is an Associate Professor at the University of Kentucky, Department of Communication. She will have overall responsibility for scientific oversight for the University of Kentucky site. She will coordinate the training of coders, supervise the coding process, and lead the analysis and reporting of coding data at the University of Kentucky. She will meet regularly with the research team at Hershey Medical Center via teleconferencing. Dr. Gordon will assist with the interpretation of findings and dissemination of study results. Dr. Gordon will commit 10% academic year effort and 10% summer effort to this project during Years 1-5 and 0.9 summer months effort during Years 1-5.
Effective start/end date9/17/2012/31/23


  • The Pennsylvania State University: $111,492.00


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