Engaging Youth Serving Communities 12 (EYSC12)

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Rural communities in Kentucky are plagued with a number of social concerns (i.e., substance abuse, obesity, hunger) that are risk factors among youth. While many youth engage in risky behaviors because of limited opportunities, adults lack the personal motivation to take a stand and help youth avoid negative behaviors by actively serving their community. This project will employ the skills of youth and adults who work together to identify needs and implement projects that address the issues hindering positive youth development. The focus target audience of the leadership teams for these projects will be youth with limited experience in citizenship and as community partners. An additional facet of the project will address getting more adults involved in the projects as supportive allies. The project will also examine how youth increase their community involvement and their perceived experiences as community leaders. The goals of the project are to: " Foster community youth development by encouraging youth voice and providing meaningful roles. " Foster adult development by empowering adults to serve as supportive partners and expose them to the skills and talents of youth in their communities " Enable additional youth to engage in endeavors that improve communities and to increase skills so that youth can serve in capacities throughout the community beyond this project. " Increase the number of true youth-adult partnerships that are sustained over time, where youth and adults are equal and effective change agents " Assess the impact among youth, adults, their communities and the beneficiaries in developing community capitals.
Effective start/end date5/1/1412/31/14


  • National Four H Council: $3,000.00


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