Engineering Research Center for Food Resiliency through Engineered Supply Chains (FRESCH)

  • Hustedde, Ronald (PI)

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University of Kentucky Statement of Work Co-PI Ron Hustedde will design and deliver eight live training sessions (~2 hours each) to introduce frameworks for intersectoral engagement in Fall 2021. These will include the use of the Personal Listening Profile®; introduction to Appreciative Inquiry and Community Capitals concepts and methods; and development of white papers and materials for the Appreciative Inquiry/Community Capitals Summit. All meetings will be conducted virtually with small breakouts to practice interactions. Co-PI Hustedde will organize and facilitate the Summit (tentatively in mid-January in Las Cruces, NM) for stakeholders representing regional and national interests. The Summit will encompass approximately 16 hours of time spread over several days to enable follow-up and preparation between sessions.
Effective start/end date9/1/2111/16/22


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