Enhancement of Collaboration at the Annual Meeting of Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE)

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Interaction between the diverse attendees of the annual IBE conference is a catalyst for innovative research and shapes the next generation of biological engineers. The meetings are an excellent venue for students to develop professional skills and to network through a number of student-centric activities including the bioethics essay competition, the international genetic engineered machine (iGEM), student research and poster sessions, and a number of social activities. All conference authors are invited to submit their original work for inclusion in the Journal of Biological Engineering, an open-access IBE journal. Sessions at the annual IBE conference include: bio-nanotechnology, biofuels and bioenergy, bioproducts and biomaterials, biosensors, ecological and environmental systems, MEMS and NEMS, synthetic biology, systems biology, tissue/cellular engineering, and the bio-business nexus. For the last 16 years, IBE has built a strong core of researchers focusing on energy related issues. Emerging issues which challenge energy infrastructure include: climate change, diminishing water supply and environment health, and increasing population growth. In the 21st century, innovative energy technologies must adapt to new environmental regulations while taking advantage of innovations within the nascent fields of bio-nanotechnology and synthetic biology. Typically, students comprise two-thirds of the total attendees. This tends to foster an environment of learning and discovery, but also presents challenges. Due to the number of student attendees, paying reduced registration, it is imperative that IBE secure outside funding to host the meeting each year.
Effective start/end date10/7/139/30/14


  • Oak Ridge Associated Universities: $3,000.00


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