Enhancing Burley Tobacco Produciton Labor Effciency 2016

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This request is for renewal of a project approved last year by the Council for Burley Tobacco. The main thrust of the project is to collect and analyze information on the use of hired labor for tasks related to burley tobacco production. Specifically we are looking at the amount of time required for various tasks and how it varies from one farm to another. The goal is to identify work methods which lead to more efficient use of labor and develop educational tools to help tobacco growers implement changes to more efficient methods. During year 1 data was collected from 6 farms ranging in size from 15 to 220 acres of burley tobacco production. Approximately 60 hours of video images were taken for further analysis. This request is for year two to collect additional data and analyze the video images for efficient work methods.
Effective start/end date2/1/161/31/17


  • Council for Burley Tobacco: $10,000.00


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