Enhancing Internet behavioral weight loss programs with portion controlled foods

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The Overall Goal of this project is to compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of four different weight loss i nterventions: face-to-face behavioral weight loss alone, face-to-face behavioral weight loss with PCD, Internet behavioral weight loss alone, and Internet behavioral weight loss with PCD. To achieve this goal, the following specific aims are proposed: 1. To develop a six-month behavioral weight loss program based on the Diabetes Prevention Program suitable for use in a face-to-face and an Internet based setting. 2. To deliver the six-month behavioral weight loss program in four different intervention groups: (1) face-to-face program alone (2) face-to-face program supplemented with six months of PCD (3) Internet program alone (4) Internet program supplemented with six months of PCD. 3. To evaluate the effectiveness and the cost effectiveness of the four different intervention groups for producing weight loss and improvements in metabolic syndrome markers at three, six and 12 months.
Effective start/end date9/20/132/28/15


  • National Heart Lung and Blood Institute: $348,475.00


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