Enhancing Regional Infrastructures For Early Case Capture of Pediatric And Yound Adult Cancer Cases

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With this application, the Kentucky Cancer Registry (KCR) is applying for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Agency Funding Opportunity (FOA) Number CDC-RFA-DP11-1107, Enhancing Cancer Registries for Early Case Capture of Pediatric and Young Adult Cancer Cases. KCR proposes to enhance and expand regional infrastructures to track the incidence of pediatric cancer for inclusion in the comprehensive nationwide registry of actual occurrences. Enhancements to the electronic infrastructure at KCR and collaboration with contiguous states will increase the ability to capture cases within weeks of the date of diagnosis. KCR proposes to leverage advances in state Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) in order to increase access to electronic data that will be required to capture cases immediately. The proposed enhancements, methods, and lessons learned will be applicable in many states as HIE infrastructures mature. Electronic pathology (E-Path) reporting offers the greatest potential to facilitate Early Case Capture (ECC) for the pediatric population. KCR has been a leading registry in the development of comprehensive population based electronic pathology reporting, capturing over 90% of reports for histologically confirmed cancer diagnoses in the Kentucky population overall but only 65% for histologically confirmed pediatric cases. KCR proposes to develop a national model for interstate E-Path exchange through collaboration with the Regenstrief Institute, the Indiana Health Information Exchange, and the Indiana State Cancer Registry. Interstate E-Path exchange will facilitate more complete E-Path reporting from out-of-state laboratories. Once established, KCR will use this model to promote the establishment of E-Path exchange with Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia. KCR also proposes to establish E-Path reporting from large out-of-state hospitals that see a high volume of Kentucky pediatric cases, which are located in Ohio and Tennessee. Furthermore, KCR proposes to promote increased utilization of pediatric surveillance data by enhancing its cancer-rates.info web based geographic information system (http://www.cancer-rates.info) to include pediatric cancer rates for widespread public dissemination. In addition, KCR proposes to develop and test automated methods to identify candidates for pediatric clinical trials from ECC data through collaboration with the University of Kentucky (UK) Children’s Hospital and the UK Division of Biomedical Informatics at the UK College of Public Health.
Effective start/end date9/30/1112/31/15


  • National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Healt: $565,880.00


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