Enhancing the adoption of biological control for arthropod pest management in high tunnel production systems in Kentucky

  • Obrycki, John (PI)

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The benefits to growers/processors/consumers will be the development of an economically and environmentally sound pest management system for high tunnels based on releases of biological control organisms. As part of the cooperative extension involvement in this project, CES agents will evaluate the effectiveness of the releases of natural enemies in reducing pest populations. The CES agents will, in cooperation with growers, determine insecticide use patterns before and during this project. An economic analysis of the costs of biological control compared to the use of insecticides will be developed based on growers’ experiences in this project. We will emphasize the use of grower field days, so growers are explaining to other growers the benefits and limitations of the use of biological control. Surveys will be designed for growers to determine their assessment of the effects of biological control. Additionally, surveys will be designed to assess consumer opinions on the quality of vegetables produced using biological control.Develop a county extension agent training and demonstration program focused on pest scouting and use of biological control in high tunnel / vegetable (e.g., tomato) production systems.
Effective start/end date12/1/18 → 9/29/21


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