Enhancing the Quality of Inclusion in Preschool (Project EQUIP)

  • Jung, Lee (PI)

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Section 1 Investor's Outcome Statement Forty (40) young children with developmental disabilities will be meaningfully included in childcare settings with appropriate supports and demonstrate improved engagement in classroom activities, as a result of the Enhancing the Quality of Inclusion Project (EQUIP). EQUIP is a statelevel initiative that is modeled after Robin McWilliam's National Individualizing Preschool Inclusion Project, an OSEP-funded Project of National Significance. Section 2 Customers Primary Customer Group - Youne: Children with Developmental Disabilities The primary customers are forty (40) young children with developmental disabilities, either presently enrolled in childcare centers or who will be enrolled in childcare settings as a result of this project. The project aims to have a direct immediate as well as a sustained indirect impact that will permanently change the capacity of childcare in Kentucky. Although the project will directly impact the children enrolled or planning to enroll in the five model demonstration sites, the project will indirectly affect many more children who are enrolled in the childcare centers that will visit and learn from the model demonstration sites. As a result of McWilliam's model of inclusion being implemented, the children included in our participating childcare centers will achieve higher levels of engagement during classroom activities.
Effective start/end date7/1/046/30/06


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