Enriching Kentucky's Landslide Inventory Database

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Abstract The purpose of this project is to enrich the existing Kentucky Geological Survey landslide inventory database. This will be accomplished by improving and maintaining the database through various data collection techniques. First, we will collect data to establish the link between known landslide occurrences and particular storm events. This link will expand evaluation of seasonal trends and rainfall thresholds related to slope failure. Second, we will add to the existing inventory by conducting elevation differencing between two sets of airborne lidar. The elevation difference over two time periods will allow identification of landslides and their associated lengths, widths, and volumes (extent). The landslide database and associated inventory map portrays the location of prior landslides, which provides insight to the location of future landslides and potentially differentiating areas of high and/or low hazard. Improving the landslide inventory database will support the basis for mitigation strategies and hazard mitigation plan goals such as managing land use decisions, preventing impact to transportation infrastructure, natural resource protection, improving economic development, and critical infrastructure protection.
Effective start/end date5/1/246/10/26


  • KY Department of Military Affairs: $97,541.00


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