EPA polymer nanocomposite applications

  • Grulke, Eric (PI)

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The purpose of these analytical tests is to provide characterization information on 7 - ~~titaiiiaand 7~afiasampl~to bs dliy-EPA researchers forevaluationof their toxicity or health effects. The specific testing protocols of these researchers has not been defined in the solicitation. However, the specific testing requested includes elemental analysis, specific surface arealporosity, primary and aggregate size, crystal structure, organic carbon content, and particle shape and morphology. The organic carbon content test cited in the solicitation, NIOSH 5040, is specific to carbon particles from diesel exhaust. We take this to be an example only, as other procedures and tests would be needed if researchers wished to evaluate nanoparticles that have been through a combustion process.
Effective start/end date7/1/089/30/08


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