Epidemiological Support and Data Analysis for ACLU Kentucky

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ACLU Scope of Work ARTICLE I - Scope of Work UKRF agrees to USE ITS BEST EFFORTS TO perform the work outlined as described below. All items will be completed in accordance to the project timeline. Deliverable dates may be adjusted upon agreement with UK and ACLU leadership. Date adjustments will be confirmed through email communication. The University of Kentucky (UK) shall: 1. Provide epidemiological support and conduct data analysis for ACLU-Kentucky on key topics of interest, including but not limited to: a. Kentuckians with drug related convictions who would otherwise be eligible for food stamps b. Access to health care for Kentuckians exiting prison c. Kentucky children transferred to adult court (focus on racial disparities, with potential confounders) d. Kentucky children removed from parental custody e. Kentuckians serving time in DOC custody that were pregnant or gave birth 2. Identify potential data sources for above research questions and support information requests as needed 3. Cleaning of any data reports received from Advocacy and/or Legislative teams 4. Provide salary support for faculty and staff at the University of Kentucky’s Department of Health, Behavior & Society, as agreed upon during budget negotiations 5. Assist, where possible, with establishing tool to track data publicly 6. Where possible, present data in a manner that it can be made public 7. Offer feedback as requested on key legislation being proposed 8. Oversee monthly data analysis 9. Present updated findings to ACLU at least quarterly, and report anything indicating greater racial disparities to the ACLU immediately If contract funding is reduced, then the scope of work related to the contract may also be reduced commensurate with the reduction in funding. This reduction of the scope shall be agreeable to both parties and shall not be considered a breach of contract.
Effective start/end date9/30/219/29/22


  • American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky: $41,019.00


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