Establishing a Family and Consumer Sciences Degree

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1) Dr. Jones will conduct a process evaluation of the overall project, update the project logic model, and assess the project achievement based on project objectives taking into consideration barriers that occurred during project execution. Project objectives will be reviewed and evaluated based on some of the factors cited below. 2) Recruitment efforts for faculty, staff and students. 3) Review development of Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) curriculum and courses; hiring of staff; students involved in courses; purchase of materials, supplies, books, etc. 4) Review of students involved in classes; experiential learning opportunities for students and Extension clientele. 5) Development of Extension materials from coursework, including videos, curriculums, etc. 6) Professional development for faculty and Extension faculty.
Effective start/end date9/1/178/31/18


  • KY State University: $11,771.00


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