Establishing the Infrastructure to Develop Prediction Tools for Diseases and Mycotoxins Affecting Corn to Better Inform Management Decisions (UKY)

  • Wise, Kiersten (PI)

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The rationale for the proposed research is that U.S. corn farmers could benefit from prediction tools for disease occurrence to improve the implementation and maximize the efficacy of management decisions and consequently reduce yield losses, ensure grain quality, and optimize profitable crop production. One shortfall of current in-season management practices such as foliar fungicides is that application may not occur at the correct time. Fungicides applied close to the onset of disease will perform at their maximum potential. Moreover, timely application of fungicides will reduce input costs, prolong fungicide efficacy by delaying resistance, and result in less environmental impacts of pesticides. Disease prediction tools can not only help farmers decide IF they should spray, but WHEN to spray to maximize their fungicide return on investment (ROI). Statement of Work for 2020: Establish the infrastructure to develop prediction tools for diseases and mycotoxins affecting corn to better inform management decisions. This will be achieved through the following objectives.
Effective start/end date6/19/206/18/25


  • Agricultural Research Service: $277,489.00


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