Evaluate - E (Examining VALUe Added in Trasatlantic Exchanges in Engineering)

  • Yopp, John (PI)
  • Carvalho Chumney, Susan (CoI)
  • Lineberry, Gene (CoI)

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    The project will integrate the interactions between the various stakeholders in this multidimensional matrix and account for the diverse perspective through a systematic procedures. We will first request the individual stakeholders in the three categories (universities, companies, and professional organizations) to independently provide their expectations and benchmarking criteria to a designated collector for their category. The three collectors will exchange results sequentailly and provide the criteria obtained from the stake holders in one category to those in another. The benchmark criteria and various collected opionions will be circulated among the participants prior to the meetings. Uk's contribution to the survey and detailed study of the approaches to dual and joint degrees will draw upon it experience to: -collect data on dual and joint degrees initiated within US universities; institutional internationalization strategy as well as those that are not; -contribute to survey items that assess the value place on transatlantic dual and joint degree by the Kentucky multinational businesses that hire UK's graduate; -provide detailed information on the facilitating factors and carrriers encounter as UK develops it new internationalization strategy.
    Effective start/end date9/1/098/31/12


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