Evaluating the Economic Impact of MarketReady

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We propose to conduct an economic impact analysis of the MarketReady program over the next two years. This analysis will be helpful, providing a measure of value for such SRMEC projects, and also hopefully serving as a model for other projects looking for approaches to integrate an impact dimension. We will conduct a longitudinal study of the participants in the program in an effort to track (1) new sales activity to restaurants, grocery, wholesale and other institutions, (2) enrollment in state marketing programs geared toward local promotions, (3) adoption of business development practices recommended in MarketReady, (4) and further resource needs. Surveys will be primarily e-mail based with supplemental mail surveys sent to selected trainees. Trainers in other states have collected or have agreed to collect the same baseline data, allowing us to track impact over all producers that have or will be going through the program over the next two years.
Effective start/end date10/1/123/30/14


  • University of Arkansas: $10,042.00


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