Evaluating the Presence of Dectes Stem Borer in Soybean Fields, Weeds, and Assessing the Tolerance of Cultivars in Kentucky: Year 2

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Title: "Evaluating the presence of Dectes Stem borer in soybean fields, weeds and assessing the tolerance of cultivars in Kentucky: Year 2” Project Director: Raul T. Villanueva, Assistant Professor and Extension Entomologist Grains. REC – Princeton, University of Kentucky Collaborating Staff: Claire Venard, PhD, CCA, Soybean Research Specialist, Department of Plant and Soil Sciences Collaborating County Extension Agents: Clint Hardy, Extension Agent, Cooperative Extension Office in Daviess Co. Susan Fox, Extension Agent, Cooperative Extension Office in Lyon Co. Abstract The soybean stem borer (Dectes texanus) has been observed infesting commercial soybean fields and experimental plots in Kentucky. Although there are publications reporting the absence of effects of this pest on soybean yields. However, dectes have the potential to cause lodging of plants principally during drastic weather events such as high winds or rains. These events may be seeing more frequently, such is the case of the “derecho” storm in the Midwest that ‘leveled soybeans and corn. Lodging has been reported to cause yield loss and increase of time in harvesting operations. This proposal will study infestations in commercial fields, detect additional host plants (weeds surrounding commercial fields), conduct a cooperative work with Dr, Claire Venard investigating the tolerance of soybean varieties to Dectes in Princeton and areas where Dectes have been observed in great numbers (McLean, Davies, Hancock) and conduct a small plot trials at the UK’s REC in Princeton. This project will help to increase soybean yield and increase profitability. Here we are requesting $16,820. From this amount 67.4% will be used to cover salaries of part time employee that will work from May to December. $1,500 will be used for housing, $2,200 will be used to rent vehicles to visit sites, $1500 for materials and supplies and 300 for publications
Effective start/end date4/15/214/14/22


  • Kentucky Soybean Promotion Board: $16,668.00


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