Evaluation of Deterioration of Structural Concrete Due to Chloride Entrainment and Other Damaging Mechanisms 10-406

  • Hopwood, Theodore (PI)

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II Identif',' the range of structural concrete deterioration mechanisms encountered by highwa) agencies ~lJ1d their impacts on structures. Detennine effective methods for evaluating the presenceiextem of concrete deterioration, 2) Acquire and become familiarized with relevant test instrumentatlon to e"\'aluate concrete deterioration. 3) PerfonTI in-situ tests of concrete properties/concrete damage assessment of selected bridges/structures throughout Kentuchry with yarious ages and amoul1ts!tvpes of distress. Tests will be perfonned on bridges decks, banier walls, retaining walls, abutments, beams and piers, 4) Prepare a summary of findings and provide recommendations guidance for extended testing of bridge concrete,
Effective start/end date7/1/096/30/10


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