Evaluation of Geologic CO2 Sequestration Potential and CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in Kentucky

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The Kentucky Geological Survey (KGS) is proposing to conduct new research to better characterize carbon dioxide (C02) sequestration potential in Kentucky. Interest in C02 sequestration is increasing rapidly as the federal government, private industry, and the public explore and develop technologies to mitigate the consequences of global warming. This proposal outlines research in three task areas of carbon sequestration research intended to enhance Kentucky's ability to utilize its fossil fuel resources in a future carbon-managed economy. Task 1 involves evaluation and characterization of major oil fields in Kentucky for their suitability for use of C02 enhanced oil recovery (EaR) techniques. C02-EaR has been used in oil fields in other parts of the country to increase oil production. Moreover, some C02 is sequestered during CO2-EOR operations and income generated from incrementally produced oil can be used to offset some sequestration costs. Oil fields will be evaluated for EaR suitability using reservoir data at KGS. Task 1 will also involve sampling and chemical analysis of subsurface brines in two oil fields being considered for C02-EaR. The brine chemistry data will be used to model the interaction of injected C02 with water and rock in subsurface reservoirs. Task 2 will identify the best areas in Kentucky for subsurface sequestration using procedures modified from previous work on Kentucky's FutureGen proposal. Task 3 is more site-specific, and will provide criteria and data to evaluate sequestration potential at nominated coal-to-liquid fuels sites. The proposed work will further the goals outlined in Governor Fletcher's Comprehensive Energy Strategy (2005) and in House Bill 299, enacted in 2006. This Bill requires the Governor's Office of Energy Policy to "develop and implement a strategy for production of transportation fuels and synthetic natural gas from fossil energy resources .... " These new technologies will likely require safe disposal of produced C02. Proposed research at KGS will provide the Commonwealth with maps of C02 sequestration potential, and an inventory of oil fields suitable for COz-EOR. The brine chemistry work along with other monitoring methods will predict and verify the fate of injected C02 thereby increasing the efficiency and safety of EOR and sequestration projects. The site evaluations in Task 3 will allow proposed coal-to-liquid fuel sites to be compared objectively, including consideration of future sequestration needs.
Effective start/end date8/1/076/30/08


  • KY Office of Energy Policy: $163,446.00


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