Evaluation of KCTCS Learn on Demand Complete College America Program

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Evaluation of KCTCS’s Learn on Demand Complete College America Program will include answering the following questions through a mixed method design. • Whether the innovations in advising and online student orientation were implemented successfully; • Whether students who used the innovations were successful—in particular, more successful than students who didn’t use the innovations; • Whether KCTCS and CPE judged the innovations to be successful; and • What improvements in processes could be made to expand the innovations. Success of the project components will be measured by determining the extent of positive institutional changes in advising and increased academic success of participating students relative to students who did not participate. Furthermore the evaluation is designed to assist KCTCS in scaling up best practices in this area and will result in recommendations for improvements to the training of advisors, development of online student services, and the promotion of student awareness of learn on demand programming.
Effective start/end date10/1/122/28/13


  • KY Community & Technical College System: $50,000.00


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