Evaluation of New Circle Road Premature Distress Leestown Rd to Versailles Rd, KHIT 71

  • Fisher, Jonathan (PI)

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The work planned for this evaluation will consist of three tasks: field testing. laboratory testing. reporting. Field Testing Extensive field testing will be conducted on the. outer loop of New Circle Rd. from Leestown Road to Versailles Road, specifically focusing on 5 "bad" locations and 4 "good" locations. Bad locations are defined as showing premature distress, and good locations are defined as shoWing no surface distress. Testing will include full-depth coring to evaluate the condition of the asphalt, ground penetrating radar scans for the evaluation of any excessive moisture conditions, falling-weight deflectometer measurements evaluate the subsurface conditions, and permeability measurements, evaluating the in-situ permeability of the pavement. These measurements will be taken in the westbound slow lane and westbound fast lane. Laboratory Testing Approximately 40 cores will be taken throughout the project. These cores will be brought back to the KTC lab, catalogued and imaged, cut to an appropriate length, and their density will be measured and recorded. Once these cores have been fully tested, they will be delivered to the KYlC Materials Lab in Frankfort for further evaluation. Reporting A final summary of all pertinent findings will be presented to KYlC after all field and lab work is completed.
Effective start/end date7/1/116/30/12


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