Evaluation of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Serology for a Three-Part Study Consisting of EPIC-001 Clinical (Part 1) AZ0004 (Part 2) and EPIC-002 Observation (Part 3)

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The Pa Serology, PAS001, study will utlize an expanded PA antigen panel for serologic analysis resulting from an international collaboration between leaders in the field. The availability of such a panel will assist in interpreting data from three recent large CF multi-center studies that look at early Pa airway infection: EPIC-001- Clinical, AZ0004 and, EPIC-002 Observational. All three studies have available unique longitudinal collections of sera from CF patients who have not yet had Pa or recently had Pa isolated from respiratory cultures. Evaluating the Pa serological response in these patients may provide an unprecedented window of opportunity to improve our understanding of serum antibody response in CF patients with initial or recent Pa infections.
Effective start/end date2/1/101/31/12


  • Seattle Childrens Research Institute: $27,207.00


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