Evaluation of SET phases IV, V, VI

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Scope of work SRDC in partnership with CEDIK proposes to lea an impact study assessing SET Phase V using data already collected as well as expanding to include in depth interviews with selected regions. The study will explore both short-term impacts (such as knowledge and capacity gains in the planning process) as well as long term impacts (such as implementation steps and leveraging of funding). This mixed method study will result in a greater understanding of how SET has aided regions in building capacity to implement shared plans for enhancing the region’s economy. Additionally, the study will provide insights into how SET has helped further the mission of USDA Rural Development through the efforts. The results can be used to help further refine the process, communicate impact to stakeholders, and guide decisions about future investments. May 30, 2017 Team begins work June 30, 2017 Existing data are assessed and decisions about additional data needs identified July 30, 2017 Site visits complete August 30, 2017 Data analyzed and final products designed September 30, 2017 - Final products delivered to include a set of 4-6 one to four page summaries on key aspects of the SET process.
Effective start/end date5/31/175/31/17


  • Mississippi State University


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