Evaluation of the Effects of Diamond Grinding on PCC Pavement Performance

  • Allen, David (PI)

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OBJECTIVES: 1) Review state-of-practice for utilization of diamond grinding ofPCC pavements. 2) Evaluate current and historical conditions of diamond ground pavements in Kentucky to evaluate performance trends and types of observed distress. 3) Establish guidelines as necessary governing the use of diamond grinding as a maintenance alternative. BACKGROUND: Diamond Grinding ofPCC pavements is routinely used to restore the ride quality of concrete roadways. The roadway may have become rough due to joint faulting or patching which has been required to restore the pavement structure. This type of treatment is done when the pavement structure is typically 15 to 20 years old. In recent years there has been concern that the process of diamond grinding has been detrimental to the performance ofthe pavement structure, due to the process of exposing the aggregate and paste structure of the pavement surface. This project will evaluate the performance ofPCC pavements which have been diamond ground to those which have not been ground to see what effects there may be on overall pavement performance. This evaluation will involve looking at the historical pavement management data, including rideability, faulting, and overall condition points. In addition, a literature review will be conducted to determine the state-of-practice with regard to utilization of diamond grinding as a maintenance alternative for PCC Pavements FY 2006 ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Work on a literature review outlining the use of diamond grinding ofPCC pavements has begun. Preliminary work has begun looking at the status of Kentucky's current diamond ground pavements, with respect to condition and rideability. Diamond grinding specifications and guidelines from surrounding states are also being compiled. FY 2007 PROPOSED WORK: Site visits to selected diamond ground pavements will be conducted and a summary of the findings of the literature review and information obtained from surrounding states will be completed. PROJECTED COST THROUGH FY 2006: PROGRAMMED COST FY 2007: TOTAL ESTIMATED COST: $ 25,000 $ 75,000 $225,000
Effective start/end date7/1/066/30/07


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