Evaluation of the Electronic Cigarette Withdrawal Syndrome: Mechanistic Targets for Intervention

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ABSTRACT The proposed project is intended to answer research questions about very polarizing but understudied topic of the efficacy of different products to support e-cigarette cessation. We will conduct a study for the purpose of estimating e-cigarette demand after a prolonged abstinence, evaluate efficacy of the two existing products on e-cigarette cessation, and explore whether there is an association among the magnitude of withdrawal, quality of sleep, and continuous abstinence. The statistical estimates described in our research strategy section will help us identify potential steps that can be taken to alleviate e-cigarette withdrawal by targeting pharmacological (nicotine patch) and behavioral (nicotine-free e-cigarette) factors.
Effective start/end date9/30/238/31/28


  • Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions: $14,330.00


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