Evaluation of the Impact NMSS Strategic Plan and Services on Quality of Life

  • Bishop, Malachy (PI)

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The National MS Society (NMSS) strives to ensure that people affected by multiple sclerosis can live their best lives. This mission is reflected in their FY2016-2018 Strategic Plan, and the NMSS is seeking to evaluate the impact of their work on the lives of people living with and affected by MS. The goal of the proposed study is to evaluate the impact on the quality of life (QOL) of people affected by MS resulting from the work of the National MS Society and to identify gaps and opportunities for organizational improvement that may lead to greater impact. The study will involve the development and implementation of an approach to assess quality of life among people living with MS at baseline and periodically thereafter. Of particular interest are the physical, psychological, social and environmental factors – and changes in those factors – that may be related to changes in QOL. This study will evaluate the experiences of over 500 persons with MS, including members and non-members of the NMSS, and through survey research and focus groups, will provide important information to inform the NMSS services in the future, and create a model for the collection of baseline data to help understand the current status of people affected by MS as well as providing the context for ongoing assessment that will help drive the refinement of strategic priorities in the future
Effective start/end date12/12/168/18/18


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