Evaluation of Traffic Information and Prediction System-Federal Aid Research Task No. 128

  • Pigman, Jerry (PI)
  • Agent, Kenneth (CoI)

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As part of a pavement rehabilitation project on 1-64 in Franklin and Shelby Counties, the Traffic Information and Prediction System (TIPS) is to be installed to provide real-time data for motorists in advance and through the work zone. The system collects real-time data using roadside non-contact (microwave) sensors, processes the data in a personal computer, calculates travel time between different points on the freeway, and displays the travel time information on several portable changeable message signs positioned at pre-determined locations along the roadway. The system is intended to display information in the form of travel time and distance through the work zone. Potential media for dissemination of the information includes the internet, rest areas with kiosk-type stations, truck stops, office or factory complexes. TIPS is expected to result in better informed motorists, less frustrations, ability to choose alternate routes, and improved safety associated with work zones. The system is designed to be portable from one work zone to another and to function with minimal human intervention. An evaluation of the TIPS system will be conducted for the project on 1-64 in Franklin and Shelby Counties during the summer of2003. The project will extend from US 127 in Franklin County to KY 395 in Shelby County for both directions of travel on 1-64. The TIPS system is expected to collect data and provide information to travelers in both directions on 1-64. The primary objective will be to develop a general specification for a system to provide traveler information in work zones related to travel time and delay. Components of the evaluation will include the following: 1) Performance and Reliability: The overall performance of the system will be documented to determine if the system was responsive to the requested messages in terms of content and timing. Speed and delay records will also be reviewed to determine if messages were displayed in response to the programmed logic. 2) Speed Measurements: Speed data will be collected by manual radar units adjacent to the TIPS microwave devices to compare the relative speeds recorded and used as part of the TIPS logic. 3) Travel Time Estimates: The travel time estimated by the system logic will be compared to travel time measured by driving through the work zone. 4) Diversion: The impact of traffic on US 60 as an alternate route will be measured by driving the alternate route during periods of heavy congestion on 1-64 when maximum diversions would be expected. Traffic counts will also be obtained for US 60 before and during the project. 5) Traffic crash data will be collected during the time of resurfacing 1-64 and compared to a similar time period during the summer of 2002. Crash reports will be reviewed to determine potential impact on the lane closure transition zone. 6) A driver survey will be conducted at the rest area east of the project to determine opinions and usage of the system by motorists. 7) Reporting: A report will be prepared after the project is completed to document results from the evaluation (expected report draft by December 31, 2003). Total Estimated Cost: $40,000
Effective start/end date8/1/036/30/04


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