Evaluation of Wine and Table Grape Cultivars and Training Systems in Kentucky

  • Kurtural, Sahap (PI)

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I) Objectives: The overall goal of this project is to evaluate French-American hybrid. nativc American and Europcan (I' \'inifera) table and wine grape cultivars and their dones suitable and sustainable for Kentucky cnvironment. This project tits with Research Priority I of the Kentucky Grape and Vine Council which is to conduct 'I 'ariel)' hia/s and Applied Research'. The specific objectives of this project arc as 1()lIows: Objective 1: Evaluate French-American hybrid wine and table grape cultivars under Kentucky environment for suitability and sustainability, Objective 2: Evaluate European wine grape cultivars and their clones under Kentucky environment for suitability and sustainability. Objective 3: Compare single bi-Iateral high cordon training system to fDur training systems to make recommendations on French-American hybrid wine grape eultivar and training system interactions. Objective 4: Evaluate Ber/andieri. Riparia and RlIpeslris crosses of rootstocks for European and French-American hybrid grapevincs under Kentucky soils and cl1\'ironment for suitability and sustainability. 2) Procedures: This project will be conducted at thc University of Kentucky Horticulture Rcsearch Farm. For the plot plan of the vineyards see the Appendi".
Effective start/end date3/15/066/30/08


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