Expanded Kentucky Trauma Registry Data Collection and Analysis

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This project will add to our record of improvement in the completeness of highway traffic injury surveillance data by increasing the number of trauma-related hospitalizations on which detailed but de-identified data is accessible to users statewide. From a baseline of some 6,600 patients' information, the volume of accessible data is projected to be about 8,800 by the end of the current grant year, thereby achieving our initial metric of success. However, our data sources currently represent only a small fraction of the state's acute care facilities, and many hospitals currently providing extensive trauma care still do not report to the Kentucky Trauma Registry. Analysis of a broader range of highway trauma data will support trauma system planning in a larger proportion of Kentucky's counties by providing a more complete and detailed account of highway traffic injury and related health care than has even been available in Kentucky. Specific types of data available through the Kentucky Trauma Registry include detailed information about the nature and severity of injuries, use of safety belts and other protective devices, surgical procedures, and outcomes at discharge and follow-up. The Kentucky Injury Prevention and Research Center has developed productive relationships with key partners in state highway safety and will build on shared successes to assure that findings are available and useful for safety improvement initiatives.
Effective start/end date10/1/129/30/13


  • KY Office of Highway Safety: $60,000.00


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