Experimental Rapid Deployment Painting on Interstate 275, Federal Aid Research Task no. 186

Grants and Contracts Details


.KYTC recently awarded a contract to clean and paint 19 steel bridges on Interstate 275 in Kenton County. Traffic volume on this route exceeds 100,000 ADT at most bridge locations and is of great concern to KYTC, The contract specifies an abrasive blast/recoat method and includes a detailed traffic control plan. The contract divided the work into two Sections with the first Section to be completed by November 15, 2011 and Section Two beginning and completed in calendar year 2012, The Contractor has submitted an alternative plan to use ~apid deployment" equipment and methods to complete the work. The proposed method has not been used in Kentucky and may significantly affect not only traffic impact but also. project duration and quality ofthe end product. The Kentucky Transportation Center (KTC) will document the field activities, traffic impact, and the apparent quality ofthe cleaning/painting at completion ofthe.each Section ofwork. KTC will prepare an interim report within 2 months of the completion of Section One, and prepare a final report within 2 months of completion of the painting project. The final report will document construction activities, any problems that occur, resolution ofproblems, and assess quality of the cleaning/painting. The project will then be ad,ded to the long term monitoring program to assess long term coating performance. KYTC will use data from the study to develop future projects
Effective start/end date4/15/112/15/13


  • KY Transportation Cabinet: $86,435.00


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