Experimental Therapeutics of Anti-Cancer Agents

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We are planning to conduct a preclinical study to evaluate anti-tumor efficacy of combination DNA PK inhibitor with external beam radiation therapy. The study involves an in-vitro experiment with two neuroendocrine tumor cell lines; BON and QGP-1 respectively. The cell lines will be cultured in appropriate media and will be treated with experimental combination at Dr. B. Mark Evers’s laboratory. On confirmation of anti-tumor activity with help of colony and cell counting, we will proceed to second stage of study i.e. in vivo studies. We plan to implant BON cells and QGP-1 cells in nude mice thigh and let them incubate till they are ready to be treated. Mice will be treated with XRT and followed by daily administration of DNA PK inhibitor. Tumor will be monitored for size and mice will eventually be sacrificed to confirm anti-tumor response and immunohistochemical studies.
Effective start/end date3/1/188/30/19


  • Ohio State University


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