Exploiting potential bio-control agens to manage seedling diseases of soybean (year 2)

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Our ultimate goal is to reduce yield losses caused by seedling diseases by characterizing native bio-control agents already present in the soil and by refining management strategies to enhance and optimize the activity of these beneficial organisms aganist pathogens detrimental to soybean seedlings. Our specific objectives are: 1. test the effect of a set of recently identified potential bio-control agents on soil-inhabiting fungal, oomycete, and nematode pathogens of soybean, 2. assess potential roles of these agents in eliciting defense mechanisms in soybean plants, 3. test the effect of fungicidal seed treatments on these organisms, and 4. follow the effect of commonly used management practices on the distribution and activity of these organisms in the soil.
Effective start/end date10/1/1512/15/16


  • Southern Illinois University: $30,666.00


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